Project Purpose

Project Purpose is a Training Consultancy Company founded by Vibhuti Mutha, a multifaceted speaker, trainer and coach.

Transforming lives with powerful engagement & events

About Project Purpose

Project Purpose FZE LLE is founded in Dubai, a dynamic and growing city which fuels ambitions of millions of creative entrepreneurs, individuals and dynamic companies.

We aim to be the leaders and partners for organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals; create and offer training and development solutions and also become a trusted training consultant and advisor for organizations.

Our Service Portfolio

Training and Development Solutions for organisations

  • We provide sustainability advice of all kinds and at all levels—from identifying technical solutions to framing a sustainability leadership philosophy. We help clients assess their impacts and options, create comprehensive multi-year strategic plans, or just find the most effective next step.

Corporate Training & Development Events Consultation

  • We have vast experience in event management and can organize all types of corporate events depending on your needs; these can range from suggesting speakers to creating an entire program, conference or seminar.
  • Whether you are looking to create an event to generate new business, boost team culture, launch a leadership program, educate your global teams and clients, or simply organize your annual company meeting, our team will assess your needs and find the best possible solutions to your event.
  • With full transparency and collaboration, we will organize an event fully tailored to your specific needs.

Creating Extra-ordinary Events - Event Management Services

  • We combine our trainings expertise with events management skills to create truly extraordinary experience for the organisations. We specialize in bringing inspiring leaders, powerful speakers and subject experts to your events; to make a truly memorable experience that keep bringing your audience back asking for more.
  • We can help you create an event to boost skills, attitude, soft skills as well as motivational events to boost team culture, educate your global teams or creating vision and culture buy-in workshops.

Transformational Workshops

  • Our programs and workshops are renowned for being high-energy, high-engagement, and high-impact. We help people from different starting points find shared understanding and common purpose, and we equip the next generation of change agents.

Turn Key Event Management Services:

  • Consult & Recommend What is Best for You
  • Pre-Event Consulting
  • Speaker Selection
  • Sponsorship
  • Pre-event Planning including venue & logistics
  • Integrated Marketing Planning; which is a 360 degree plan customized depending on the event and includes all elements of Paid and earned promotion, advertisement via online and off-line tools, Public relations and branding and marketing collaterals.
  • On-site Services & Support
  • Post Event 360 Review

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  • Address: P.O.BOX 62750, Dubai, UAE
  • Phone: +971 5 55971333 - Office