Telepathy and Extra Sensory Perception 2017

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Learn how to utilise your Sixth sense ability to its optimum level.

About The Trainer

Tarannum is the Founder and Director of TYDIdeas, a Training & Strategic HR practices firm with offices in New Delhi and Mumbai. She is also the Founder Director of Enlightenment,a one of its kind life coaching organisation.

She is a mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation, a Panelist on IDiva an active member on HEN India, speaker at various women events and the founder-director of TYDIdeas.

Tarannum is a highly effective trainer in the fields of Performance Enhancement, Personal Development, and NLP Based Programs.

She is a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a post graduate in Psychology with over thirteen years of work experience.

She has a Masters Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. practicing HR management professional, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Psychic Healer & Certified Reki Practitioner. with more than 13 years of corporate experience into Services Industry in Leadership Role, now intervening into Organizational Behavior, HR and Training Process as a Consultant. Attached with different Management Forums, Corporate and Educational Institutions and Coaching Forums.

Specialties: Coaching, Training , Performance Management, Organizational Development, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Behavioral Training's , Competency Mapping, Training Need Assessment, Change Consultancy,Soft Skills & Behavioral Skills and Human Resources.

Key Points:

  • Improving Self belief
  • Initiating an extraordinary self trust
  • Developing ones creative power
  • Enhancing perception

ESP – extra sensory perception - Going beyond the senses, to understand some information which might not have been known directly through the 5 senses. We are here to explore a mysterious side of the human brain . getting to know oneself through ones extra sensory perception.

ESP is about precognition, telepathy, psychometry, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. Its about knowing things beyond the rational knowing. (Wiki) Telepathy – Many people are intrigued and in awe of how telepathy works. Call it a skill or call it art , it is a process that can be learnt. During the ancient era it was used when men went into the jungle and language was not so prevalent. Its the Art of thought transference.

Many of us still use it and experience it , sometimes when you are thinking about someone and that person just happens to call you or even to meet you. It was a telepathic communication that the receiver accepted.

Telepathy is about using the subconscious mind to connect with people at the subconscious level. Many a times with our loved ones, usual verbal communication fails. Telepathy is an excellent process to heal at the internal level and communicate to enhance relationships with family and friends.
Living in a social world and especially in an age where despite the world getting smaller digitally, we have distanced mentally.

So These are human qualities, and just because we haven’t explored them we think of it as something special. Its not. The human brain gets trillions of information. And we all know how limited the logical thought process can get.

The subconscious is the data store house of information, and with training we all can use it to avail of excellent results to enrich our day to day life.

Telepathic communication is simple and easy, we utilize it daily. Yet because it seems a mystery we chose to ignore the best part of ones life.

Telepathy or any ESP process is more of developing ones Attitude and Believing.

Breakfast and Learning!


Date - Saturday 25th March 2017
Venue - Hilton Garden Inn Al Barsha, Dubai

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