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Integrative Enneagram Solutions offer coaches and Organizations a key to unlocking individual, team and organisational health and effectiveness. The Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire (IEQ) combines accuracy, scalability and depth of insight to enable practitioners to support their clients in their development journey and pursuit of their goals.
The Enneagram and the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire is without question the most powerful and direct approach to enhance individual performance as well as increase team cohesion, synergy and effectiveness.” Michelle Bennetts

About the Trainer

Michelle Bennetts (Divisional Executive at Integrative Enneagram Solutions) is a highly experienced facilitator, speaker, Management Development Coach and Enneagram specialist. With 18 years in training and facilitation, Michelle brings experience and confidence to the classroom. Once a stage performer, Michelle brings a natural presence that captivates audiences and as such is a sought after trainer and speaker in the corporate and education sectors.

Michelle has trained the Enneagram and coaches executives around the globe and offers bespoke talks, workshops and transformation interventions, offering an insightful and useful approach to uplifting the individual while inspiring company wellness and productivity. Her refreshing approach and professionalism have earned her the reputation as an excellent trainer and speaker.

Michelle’s passion for the Enneagram and it’s ability to transform the individual and workplace is clear as she shares her knowledge and experience in training workshops.

A passion that Michelle has pursued in recent years is the establishing of coaching skills and structures in South African schools. In bringing the enneagram into schools, educators are diversifying their teaching approach and with coaching empowering learners to develop critical thinking skills.

Michelle is the author of a children’s book and appears regularly as a TV guest. She has been featured on the iLead SA website and contributes to various magazines and social media platforms.


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