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In our modern world, full of information over load, we are bombarded with messages and ideas. When we stand to present to clients or colleagues we are often faced with a sea of distracted faces, each distracted and absorbed by a stream of information filling their busy minds or, worse, streaming through their hands on smartphones. It has, therefore, never been more important for you to articulate your ideas in a way which captivates your audience and gets the result you want.

On Communicate with Impact you will learn that by focusing on two key elements of communicating your message – ‘What’ you say and ‘How’ you say it – you will captivate, engage and deliver your message with genuine impact and results.

This two day, experiential workshop is designed to equip delegates with the skills to structure their message to achieve the desired outcome and explore and develop a personal style of delivery so that every message delivered comes over in a style that is truly unique to you.


  • Explore how to optimally structure information to create a persuasive argument
  • Define your key message in a way which ensures your message is memorable and targeted
  • Understand how the use of emotion and active storytelling engages others around your topic
  • Develop your own personal style of presenting and communicating
  • Expand your range in vocal tone and texture, experiment with physical presence and gain confidence
  • Gain insight and feedback on how you are perceived and understood by others when presenting information

What is in it for you ?

You will leave the workshop confident in the techniques used by the world’s greatest orators to structure information in ways that influence and persuade audiences towards new thinking.

You will experience how to captivate an audience around a future vision or a story and to present in a way that is both compelling and engaging.

You will spend your time on the workshop surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all keen to turn their good ideas into great ones.

You will build presence, authority and a new-found ability to captivate an audience and ensure their focus remains on you and your message.


Communicate with Impact is delivered as an active and participative workshop where each delegate has the opportunity to experience and practice both the ‘What’ and the ‘How’ of presenting and communicating their message. Participants will work on their own, relevant content in order to create a presentation that is both meaningful and impactful to them and their chosen audience.

The ‘What’ of Communicate with Impact creates understanding for delegates on how to best to structure and design content so it has the desired impact. Delegates will understand how to persuade or sell, to engage or captivate and to provide messages of clarity that will resonate with every listener. Different situations require different techniques and each is explored and developed fully on this two-day workshop. The learning draws on examples from the world’s most legendary speeches combined with simple, yet effective, information structures presented in your own workbook.

The ‘How’ of Communicate with Impact ensures that the final presentation is authentic and unique to you as an individual. Here we focus on presentation as a performance, creating opportunities for delegates to stretch their range of presentation style, to address issues of confidence in speaking publicly and to learn how to engage voice, tone and posture in a way that creates the greatest possible impact in the room. Delegates visibly grow in confidence and stature over the two days as they uncover their own unique style and realise the impact that they are able to bring to their content.

The workshop draws on best practice examples of the world’s greatest orators coupled with practical learning drawn from communication theory, improv drama and executive coaching.

Every delegate will leave with personalised feedback from both the facilitators and also other delegates that will inform on where their strengths lie in their communication style and also how best to improve. All participants are given the opportunity to practice and fine tune their work throughout.

The course is designed for a maximum of only 24 delegates and is delivered by 3 facilitators. This high ratio of facilitators to delegates ensures that the learning is maximized, that delegates are presented with multiple perspectives and that the experience is personal and tailored to each person’s specific objectives.

The workshop is experiential throughout and also practical and inspiring. We guarantee every session will be lighthearted and fun – in fact, laughter is guaranteed in addition to a fantastic learning experience. We learn best when we feel relaxed and perform at our best when we feel confident and authentic. We will create this for you in the Communicate with Impact workshop and you will be amazed at the results.

Who should attend

- Those who want to improve their confidence speaking publicly with colleagues or clients
- Those who need to communicate ideas in a simple, engaging and memorable way
- Those looking to inspire others around a new idea or product
- Those who are keen to discover and craft a personal style of presenting that is unique to them.

About the facilitators

Bindhu Unny
Bindhu likes to call herself a “Marketer by profession, Executive Coach by passion and an Improv Artist and choreographer by performance’. She believes that each person comes with a dream, unique set of skills and a purpose. As a certified coach, her endeavor is to be a partner and making a difference in people’s life’s journey towards balance and fulfillment.

She comes with over 18 years of experience in the corporate world handling roles that span across Enterprise sales, B2B marketing, New Product design and development, Customer experience, and leading the launch of key transformation projects in the Telecom industry.

Steve Page
Steve Page believes passionately in the power of human potential. His work aims to connect, create and inspire action in those he comes into contact with. He has twenty five years of experience in the corporate world and is currently applying his passion in his role as Senior Vice President at du, a UAE based Telco. An energizing leadership coach and sought after speaker and facilitator, he is also committed to unleashing the power of human potential in the corporate world.

Johann Schradt
Johann Schradt believes, the soft stuff is the hard stuff, having learnt this the hard over his 20 years of experience in the Technology industry working on major business and IT transformation program. When he is not out and about “communicating with impact”, he is inspiring organizations to create more engaging workplaces for their employees.


Date: 26th & 27th September 2017
Time: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Venue: Hilton Garden Al-Barsha
Fee: 3000 AED

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