CHANGEIT - Change your thoughts, Change your live!
30 Apr

CHANGEIT - Change your thoughts, Change your live!

"There is Great Peace in Non Response.., furthermore, in not Needing to respond, there is Great Joy".

2400 years ago, at a time of great tumult in China, a philosopher named Lao Tsu, penned 81 verses of profound wisdom.

These novel compositions came to be known as the philosophy of Tao and are represented in a book called the 'Tao Te Ching'. Many scholars today expound the Tao Te Ching as one of the wisest books ever written.

This workshop introduces us to the simple yet insightful philosophy of Tao. You will learn how to apply Lao Tsu's principles in:

  • Business, Finances & Goals
  • Relationships & Happiness
  • Health & Peace of Mind
  • Personal Growth & Leadership

The Tao is also Master Tool for:

  • Transmuting Obstacles into Opportunity
  • Converting Poison into Panacea
  • Shifting from Confusion into Clarity

You will discover how to apply Tao into today's vibrant milieu.

The facilitator will also share relevant tools that he has imbibed from his 'Millionaire Mentor' - Basil Harris.

We welcome you to observe how Massive Financial & Personal Success can be attained in a rather unconventional way!



Monday, 21st May 2018


Attend any 1 workshop: AED 550 per workshop
Attend any 2 workshops: AED 800 (AED 400 per workshop)
Attend all 4 workshops : AED 1,200 (AED 300 per workshop)


Hilton Garden Inn, Al Barsha, Dubai

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