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Research from the Hay Group finds that companies with highly engaged people outperform firms with the most disengaged folks—by 54% in employee retention, 89% in customer satisfaction, and 400% in revenue growth. It’s no wonder that HR Directors and CEO’s from around the world agree that employee engagement is of critical importance.

To engage a multi-culturally, diverse global community like Dubai, it is essential to honor the diversity of the workplace, to allow employees to be there authentic selves and to recognize the value that each employee brings to the team.

In this one-day, two-speaker event HR Managers, Directors and workplace leaders will learn the tools necessary to truly engage a diverse workforce leading to higher productivity, greater team performance and a happier, healthy workplace.


  • Learn to create a culture of service and innovation with a culturally diverse staff
  • Create fun, innovative, inclusive rituals which foster a more open and engaging workplace.
  • Assess how your beliefs, attitude and behavior impact your interactions with others
  • Learn how different dimensions of culture impact hwo we manage and ommunicate across cultures.
  • Improve performance by blending direct and indirect communication styles.
  • Cultivate deeper connections with both employees and customers through gratitude, play and surprise.
  • Increase team engagement through the power of celebration.
  • Make the “celebration mindset” become a permanent way of thinking.
  • Learn the secrets to empowering employees whereby they feel comfortable in being their authentic selves.

Target Learners:

HR Directors and Managers, Supervisors, Organizational Leaders and Business Heads


35% lecture, 35% small group activities and 30% whole-class role-plays with feedback and fun.


Scott Friedman, CSP, and former President of the National Speakers Association (NSA), is an internationally sought after speaker and author. As a motivational humorist, Scott’s main area of expertise is employee innovation, customer experience and using humor/celebration as a strategic tool.

In addition to being the CCO- Chief Celebration Officer at Friedman & Associates, Scott has written “Celebrate- Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations,” “Happily Ever Laughter - How to Engage Any Audience,” and “Using Humor For A Change.” He is also the co-author of four additional books.

Raju Mandhyan is an Author, Coach and Learning Facilitator. He is a long-time resident of the Philippines and has been trained under the American Management Association and is a devout practitioner of NLP, Appreciative Inquiry and Whole-Brain Thinking.

He has been a learning facilitator for over 15 years now and in the last five years has trained and coached over 500 (one-one-one) global executives from Proctor and Gamble, Tupperware, Microsoft, Nomura, Pearson Publications, Emerson etc,. who move and lead teams across the Asian-Pacific.

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