Project Purpose

Project Purpose

Everyone in this world is living with the question why am I here in this world? Do you know the answer yet? Do you seek answer to the purpose of your life?

Vibhuti Mutha

Owner. Speaker. Artist.

Inspiring, encouraging and helping people to live ‘on-purpose’ Vibhuti is a multifaceted and charismatic coach, trainer and author, based in Dubai.

- Licensed Instructor Mind Mapping
- NeuroLiguistic Programming Practitioner (ABNLP
- TimeLine Therapy™ Practitioner
- Hypnotherapy Practitioner (ABNLP)

Know Your Purpose: Signature Program by Vibhuti Mutha

I believe that every individual have immense talent, capability and strength in them and there is need of molding and consecrating them with suitable molds, with which this world can lead a purposeful life and have positive ripples effect on the universe. An elaborate discussion on "Purpose" "Vision" "Goals", these varied strings of life should be connected to one thread. That is the reason to why it is so necessary to find a purpose in life, to give direction to life.

Know your Purpose; is a perfect blend of soft skills, coaching, exploration of potential of mind and heart and is designed to elevate your life and performance to a new level.

Vibuti Mutha, your trainer is a multifaceted , dynamic and empowering trainer and coach; in her signature “know your purpose” workshop she has brought the best a multitude of her skills and training in different expertise, mindful conversation to empower your mind and heart and equip you with essentials of globally acclaimed skills from Mind Mapping and NeuroLinsuistic Programming Just close your eyes and imagine; You are 75 years old, enjoying an evening rocking on a chair under a beautiful corner of a garden.
  • And you are looking back at your life and all that you’ve achieved and acquired, all the relationships you’ve developed;
  • What captures your attention and make you smile and feel proud in your past?

Key take away of the workshop:

A tool kit of insights, understanding and techniques to discover your true purpose and how to live your life.
  • Find your purpose – tools and techniques
  • Vision – Define your vision in life
  • Goals – Write down your goals
  • Focus – tools to have focus
  • Understanding brain
  • Techniques to change state of mind
  • Logical approach
  • Practical exercises
  • Real life stories
  • NLP tools to train your brain
  • Delve in the globally acclaimed creative tools and basics of Mind Mapping
Real life examples that prove the concept of ‘knowing your purpose in life’ is logical and practical approach not mere spiritual one. Carefully designed activities in the workshop will help you to understand and grasp the process aptly.

Distance between dreams and reality is ACTION

Don’t waste another minute living someone else’s life. Contact Vibhuti and start your wonderful journey today.


Everyone has a story; do you know yours?
If you know you have only five days on this earth; will you continue doing what you are doing right now


I found my life purpose and live every moment fulfilling my true calling. How about you? I found my passion, and from the moment I started to live my true calling, my life transformed. For me, the biggest moment of happiness and pride is to see when my clients discover their life purpose.

Why I Do What I Do

I absolutely love to be the anchor, facilitator and a “partner in purpose” to encourage and inspire others, to keep moving ahead. My role as the anchor, leader and trainer, allows me to show that it is possible to have a fulfilling life, if one dares to dream. I live by the same philosophy that I bring in my work and for my clients. There are many things that come at us daily to halt our own growth, frustrate and at times, discourage us from moving ahead in life.

Often busy professionals, are juggling lives, career and responsibilities. With so much on our plates at any given moment, we may put ourselves at the end of the list, and have the tendency to procrastinate.
My own fulfillment comes from my influence, as a facilitator, and a trainer, to remind people who they are and what they have the capacity of being, doing, and having. It is the first step towards how they can impact the world in a most powerful and unforgettable way.

Recommended Books

  • Awaken the giant within - Tony Robbins
  • You are the Placebo - Joe Despenza
  • Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
  • The Success Principles - Jack Canfiled
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey
  • I have a Dream - Räshmi Vandal
  • Unlimited Power Within- Tony Robbins
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull -


Date - Saturday 8th April 2017
Fee - 1650 AED,
Time - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Venue - Hilton Garden Inn Al Barsha, Dubai

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Integrative Enneagram Solutions offer coaches and Organizations a key to unlocking individual, team and organisational health and effectiveness. The Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire (IEQ) combines accuracy, scalability and depth of insight to enable practitioners to support their clients in their development journey and pursuit of their goals.
The Enneagram and the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire is without question the most powerful and direct approach to enhance individual performance as well as increase team cohesion, synergy and effectiveness.” Michelle Bennetts

About the Trainer

Michelle Bennetts (Divisional Executive at Integrative Enneagram Solutions) is a highly experienced facilitator, speaker, Management Development Coach and Enneagram specialist. With 18 years in training and facilitation, Michelle brings experience and confidence to the classroom. Once a stage performer, Michelle brings a natural presence that captivates audiences and as such is a sought after trainer and speaker in the corporate and education sectors.

Michelle has trained the Enneagram and coaches executives around the globe and offers bespoke talks, workshops and transformation interventions, offering an insightful and useful approach to uplifting the individual while inspiring company wellness and productivity. Her refreshing approach and professionalism have earned her the reputation as an excellent trainer and speaker.

Michelle’s passion for the Enneagram and it’s ability to transform the individual and workplace is clear as she shares her knowledge and experience in training workshops.

A passion that Michelle has pursued in recent years is the establishing of coaching skills and structures in South African schools. In bringing the enneagram into schools, educators are diversifying their teaching approach and with coaching empowering learners to develop critical thinking skills.

Michelle is the author of a children’s book and appears regularly as a TV guest. She has been featured on the iLead SA website and contributes to various magazines and social media platforms.

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If you don't know WHY do you exist? What, How, Where, When will be meaningless

About the trainer -

Vibhuti Mutha

Owner. Speaker. Artist.

Inspiring, encouraging and helping people to live ‘on-purpose’ Vibhuti is a multifaceted and charismatic coach, trainer and author, based in Dubai.

Licensed Instructor Mind Mapping
NeuroLiguistic Programming Practitioner (ABNLP
TimeLine Therapy™ Practitioner
Hypnotherapy Practitioner (ABNLP)

  • Understand why purpose is important and how to find it
  • How can you align your goals with purpose
  • Define where you are standing in life - A
  • Define whats your biggest dream - B
  • Strategy, tools, plan to go from A to B
  • Whats the BIG picture of your life
  • How will you be remembered ?

This workshop will help you create a design for your life.

Have you thought about it ?

Do you have a purpose ?

Are you living a life where you are working towards harmony -

  • Financially
  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Relationship
  • Spiritually

A half day workshop with the excercises taken from the best books - The Success Principles, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Goals, Unlimited Power, Awaken The Giant Within and amny more.

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The 4 Day experiential training program will teach you practical application of the Enneagram and 27 Subtype model in Individual. The program is ICF and IEA Accredited and you will receive 32.5 ICF CCEUs.
Unlocking team dynamics & motivational styles

Integrative Enneagram Level 1:IEQ Accreditation Training

Understanding and Applying the Enneagram for Coaching Individuals Accreditation in Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire

Target Market:

  • Coaches, Leadership and Team Facilitators and OD Practitioners who want to use of the Enneagram in their practice
  • Individuals who want to become accredited in the use of the IEQ

Our process of accreditation works as follows:

  • Attend full Enneagram Training
  • Have your Case Study Client complete our Questionnaire
  • Debrief your client and complete the Case Study document
  • After evaluation and feedback you will be accredited to use our products with your clients
  • Accredited Users get many special offers and products not available to non-accredited public clients


  • Enneagram background and history
  • Psychodynamics
  • The 9 Archetypes of the Enneagram
  • Passions, Fixations, Values, Views
  • Defensive Structures
  • Strength and Weaknesses
  • Application of the Enneagram
  • Differentiating Coaching and Therapy
  • Essence, Higher Virtues, Transcendence
  • Motivational model
  • Somatic Types


  • Complexity theory
  • The Centres
  • 27 Subtypes (Naranjo model)
  • Triadic Structures
  • Hornevian Social Styles
  • Harmonic Conflict Styles
  • Lines of Development
  • 6 Dimensions of Strain and Stress
  • Wing influences
  • Dilemma Scissors
  • Levels of Integration


  • Understanding the IEQ Questionnaire
  • Report Interpretation
  • Feedback, Engage, Challenge
  • Assessments and Selection
  • Reliability & Validity
  • Enneagram Types and Strain Trends
  • The Enneagram and Coaching Practices
  • Facilitating Change
  • Client Type and Coaching
  • The Accreditation Process
  • Introduction to Team Report


Big picture intelligence.

Integrative Enneagram Solutions offer coaches and OD practitioners a key to unlocking individual, team and organisational health and effectiveness. The Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire (IEQ) combines accuracy, scalability and depth of insight to enable practitioners to support their clients in their development journey and the pursuit of their goals.

The Integrative Enneagram enables your clients to identify, work with and resolve issues such as:

  • Emotional, psychological and interpersonal factors blocking personal effectiveness, personal transformation and personal development
  • Productivity losses as a result of team conflict
  • Leadership maturity, impact and effectiveness
  • Resistance to change, resilience and change readiness
  • Decision making
  • Stress and the symptoms of stress
  • Interpersonal strain and conflict at work and home
  • Career development and transitions
With the IEQ Intelligent Questionnaire you are able to pinpoint the Enneagram profile, Centre of intelligence 27 Instincts, Levels of integration and the 6 dimensions of stress and strain within an individual or team.

The IEQ is our adaptive online test which forms the basis of the Integrative reports.

This 30-minute questionnaire measures nine archetypal motivation patterns. Through these patterns, the pathway to development becomes clear and accessible to your client. It harnesses the power of technology to dynamically change the questionnaire based on the individual’s responses while also testing for mistyping at a highly specified level. This ensures valid and reliable results.

Reliability & Validity

The IEQ overcomes the reliability and validity challenges associated with assessment-based approaches to the Enneagram by combining the adaptive power of technology with best practice statistical approaches. Adaptive questionnaire technology enables us to eliminate mistyping. We report on five individual reliability measures in the results of each questionnaire.

Face validation has been done through the involvement and feedback of international Enneagram experts and known types. Content validity is based on a growing sample of more than 3800 questionnaires. Item-specific validation as well as negative correlations are tracked on an item-by-item basis. This enables us to do iterative improvements on the questionnaire when required to further improve validities across an ever growing global sample.

Current level of validity above 90%


Dirk Cloete

Dirk is a business entrepreneur and specialises in interactive web development, assessments, research and training. He brings a synthesis of Enneagram theory with powerful technology into professional business coaching tools to encourage individual and team development towards universal awakening.

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CLCC brings you Marshall Goldsmith’s workshops for the first time in the Middle East


By Dr Marshall Goldsmith

A program designed to help you identify what’s needed by leaders and high potentials today, in strategy and skills to build a progressive organization. It is very common and in some cases encouraged to repeat the strategies, habits and skills that have proven to work. We fall into a default pattern of repetition without really assessing the relevance in today’s context. Using Katz’s 3 skill Model, Marshall’s workshop. Focuses on helping organization and individual within it understand that we must identify the use of skills and strategies based on its applicability in the current scenario.

Your facilitator: Triptta Neb

With 18 years in development of people and companies, Triptta has worked with CEO's and Leadership teams across Europe, India, Middle East and Africa, in Strategy, Talent and HR alignment, as a consultant, facilitator and a coach. Triptta, with her unique ability to connect with people across all levels of management, age groups and varying nationalities, has always focused her work to unlock potential and enable leadership. She is a known professional in the field of Human capital and development. With an amenable style, she challenges status quo in leadership, strategies and people;
Triptta drives agility in organizations.
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Boost Your Creative Potential & Achieve More Success in Your Personal & Professional Life

Meet Your Trainer: Vibhuti Mutha

A dynamic and multifaceted speaker & coach; and owner of project Purpose, Dubai.

Vibhuti Is a licensed instructor of “Mind Mapping and Creativity” and is one of the pioneers in this powerful creative success tool in Middle East region.

She is personally trained in The ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course by inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan and CEO of OpenGenius. Vibhuti has trained over 100 senior professionals in business environment to use their creativity to boost performance, memory and build stronger skills.

What is a Mind Map

A powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain. It harnesses the full range of cortical skills – word, image, number, logic, rhythm, colour and spatial awareness – in a single, uniquely powerful manner. In so doing, it gives you the freedom to roam the infinite expanses of your brain.

You Will Learn Applying Your Mind Maps In:

  • Planning A Meeting
  • Group Brainstorming
  • Managing Teamwork
  • Creating Presentations
  • Making Decisions & Setting Goals
  • Creative Thinking
  • Proposal Development
  • Managing Information And Creative Ideas

Participants will learn both basic and advanced creativity and Mind Mapping techniques, explore the fundamental principles of the Mind Map, the science behind why and how it works, and the Buzan tips you need to make the most of this versatile technique.

We will show the participants how to put the creative tools they have mastered throughout the course into practice and apply them to any situation.

Mind Maps are, by definition, a graphical method of taking notes. Their visual basis helps one to distinguish words or ideas, often with colors and symbols. Mind Maps allow for greater creativity when recording ideas and information, as well as allowing the note-taker to associate words with visual representations.


Testimonial from The Inventor Of Mind Mapping - Tony Buzan, Personally Endorsing Vibhuti Mutha

Testimonials & Feedback from the workshop attendees – Mind Mapping Workshop – 17th May 2012, By Vibhuti Mutha

Excellent, friendly, warm, knowledgeable about the subject. Generates and maintains positive atmosphere in room with learning. Umar Khan, Director- Aerotech
Explains thoroughly, gives details and answers all questions. Zeynab, Sharjah Ladies Club
Very Good Facilitator, delivering the right message. Khaled Adra,Nestle
Very friendly, will be glad to join her in her other workshops & training. Claudia Nassim - Teacher & NLP Practitioner
Very Creative in presenting. One of the best I have attended. Cherry An Dumagan - Sharjah Ladies Club
Clear positive communication, knows how and when to give full information, very good workshop all in all. Amal Sadig - American University of Sharjah
She is an excellent speaker, easy to talk to. I could understand everything she taught today. She has very good presenting skills. Swetha Brigitta - Student
She was well engaged was great with answering questions. Her ability to gauge the audience energy was excellent. Liz Russell, NLP practitioner
A good listener, good presentation skills, patient and polite. Sudip Valiyara - KLM Airlines

Mind Mapping Workshop May 2012

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Transform you writing skills, increase the impact of your writing, develop great, and get the right results for business success.


Most people today spend approximately 20-25 per cent of their time writing. Email and business writing skills have never before been so crucial.

However, studies reveal that many messages are unclear, confusing, and long-winded.

As a result, workers are losing hours reading messages, missing key information, wasting time and making errors. In this comprehensive seminar, you will learn how to close the gap between speaking and writing. You will learn some simple, powerful techniques that will transform your writing skills. You’ll see how these changes will help you to build better relationships, increase your efficiency, enhance your reputation, and get the right results. Every time.

No matter what your message or who you are writing to, you will learn how to help your reader hear the human voice in all your written documents. By the end of this workshop, you’ll know how to create clear, concise, considerate documents that get results.

Author of 12 successful books on communication skills which has sold almost half a million copies worldwide.


  • 1. Appreciate how similar principles apply when speaking and writing.
  • Use Plain English in both written and oral communication.
  • Use Shirley’s unique heart-based formula for business writing.
  • Use language that connects, builds relationships, and achieves your goals.
  • Adopt an approach that is reader/customer-centric.
  • Use modern business language that is natural, active, courteous and sincere.
  • Structure messages logically using Shirley’s four-point plan.
  • Rewrite real business messages to improve format, style, language and tone.
  • Ensure your messages are read, understood, and get the right response.


Department heads, managers, executives, secretaries, administrators, clerical officers, and any professional who want to write better business correspondence.

Remember, what you write reflects your company's image and also gives and impression of you. Shirley will help you make sure it's a good one!


Shirley Taylor

Author of 12 successful books on communication skills: Model Business Letters, Emails and Other Business Documents seventh edition, which has sold almost half a million copies worldwide.

Shirley has attained the designation Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) which is globally recognised and awarded to speakers who have met strict criteria (This designation is achieved by fewer than 11% of professional speakers worldwide.)

Famous for the passion and energy she puts into her workshops to make sure they are entertaining, practical and informative, as well as a lot of fun.

Shirley held the position of President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore 2011-12.

Shirley Taylor Training Clients


Shirlety Taylor Dubai Brochure


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